Brendan Williams

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My name is Brendan Williams. I am a photographer and digital artist pursuing a freelance career in the world of art. Join my journey as I share personal stories, experiences, and in depth tutorials to help improve your own work as a photographer!

Beginning as a landscape photographer, I began to fall in love with digital art. Rather than sharing the natural world, I now have the opportunity to create my own. A fictional reality loosely anchored in the universe we call home. A world with limitless possibilities where imagination reigns. Digital art has become my alter ego as a photographer. My escape from the everyday. Alongside creating digital art, I have began creating a free editing tutorial series. Through Youtube, I release new Photoshop tutorials every Wednesday to help share some of my knowledge with those wanting to advance their own.

I am a freelance photographer and digital artist living just outside of Vancouver, BC.  I have collaborated and worked with several companies, blogs, and photographers such as Apache Pine Watches, Hello BC,  Westcomb Outerwear and several more. Through photography and digital art, I strive to connect and network with likeminded brands and photographers to create expressive images and unique branded content.

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